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Community-based Water Monitoring

Help us monitor beaches across Niagara to inform the public about when and where it is safe to swim.

For five years, the Niagara Hub has been collecting low-cost, timely, and reliable recreational water quality data for beaches across Niagara’s Lake Erie and Lake Ontario shores, and sharing that data publicly through Swim Guide.

This year our water monitoring is conducted in partnership with the Water Rangers Lake Erie Guardians program! Water quality observations can be viewed on Water Rangers' data platform at the following link:

Niagara Coastal - Water Rangers Observations

The Niagara water monitoring hub engages the community in citizen science, empowering people to monitor and protect their local water bodies, filling data gaps within our nearshore beach environments, and sharing that data publicly. Through the hub, people are given the opportunity to learn about and become more connected to the water in their communities.

Why does it matter?

Recreational water monitoring hubs promote water literacy

Making water quality results public means people can make an informed decision about getting in their local waters. They can see for themselves which sites meet government guidelines for water quality and decide where or when they want to go in the water.

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