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Nature-based Shoreline Restoration

Launched as a “seed project” in 2021, Niagara Coastal’s nature-based shoreline restoration initiative aims to increase shoreline resiliency along Lake Erie’s north shore.

Through the collection of data from Niagara Coastal’s other ongoing initiatives, we are able to inform local action that will increase biodiversity, reduce erosion, improve local water quality, and create habitat for species at risk.

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Why does it matter?

Nature-based solutions provide protection for property AND habitat for wildlife

The coasts of the Great Lakes are increasingly threatened by shoreline development and the impacts of our changing climate.


To mitigate the effects of ongoing flooding and erosion, much of the Great Lakes shoreline has been hardened with human-engineered structures. While providing a “quick fix”, this approach has had the unintended consequence of disrupting natural coastal processes and worsening impacts further along the coast.

Nature-based solutions are a more resilient strategy to address these complex challenges which focus on working together with nature. 


Examples include:

  • Coastal Sand Dunes

  • Coastal Wetlands

  • Shoreline Naturalization

These solutions provide benefits for coastal ecosystems AND the people who rely on the Great Lakes to meet their needs.

To learn more about coastal environments and how you can help restore and protect them visit our Coastal Academy!

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